Monte Carlo Or Bust was an event in 2015 that took 15 Citroen 2CV’s and a fire engine from London to Monte Carlo, raising £80,000 for charities.

Rendezvous Run CIO

In the following year, we registered our own charitable organisation, Rendezvous Run CIO.  This is a grant giving charity, registered number 1166888.  Our purpose is to continue raising funds for charity by organising events from quiz nights to full blown motoring adventures in and across Europe.

The Charities

Charities to benefit from each event will be selected and announced in advance of the events.

2021 Events

Our fundraising over the most recent years has been modest.  2020 was a write-off and the first half of 2021 is, sadly, looking bleak.  We are planning more events though, for whenever we are able to run them.

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