2CV Forum – Monte Carlo Or Bust

From the humble beginnings of the Citroen 2CV to Monte Carlo or Bust! (2015)

From a set of prototypes hidden from the Nazis before the Second World War to becoming one of the bestselling and longest manufactured cars in the world, the humble 2CV with a design brief to be “an umbrella on four wheels, that would enable peasant farmers to cross a ploughed field, with a basket of eggs surviving intact on the seat”, has incorporated a surprising amount of innovative technology. It was manufactured in largely the same form for five decades and remains popular around the world. Toby Kilner knows a bit about 2CVs, having bought and restored sixteen of them in a bit of a hurry. He’s busy preparing them for their upcoming Monte Carlo Or Bust journey from the Lloyd’s Building on Wednesday, 9th September, to raise £50,000 for charity.

As is customary at these bi-monthly motor forums, there will be a quality prize draw. To enter the draw, you are requested to donate a £5 note with your name written on it. The winning note will be drawn during the event. All proceeds will go to the Rendezvous Run ‘Monte Carlo Or Bust’ charities.

September’s LMC Motor Forum is open to non-LMC Members..

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